Information about the club

The Mozarkite Society of Lincoln, Inc. is a member of the Midwest Federation of Mineralogical and Geological Societies which is a member of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.
                  The Mozarkite Society of Lincoln, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to stimulate and promote interest in the study of lapidary, mineralogy and geology; to promote the lapidary arts and jewelry making; and the collection and preservation of mineral, fossil, and geological specimens and sites as well as their ecological surroundings.  The society promotes awareness of, and education on, Mozarkite so its members and general public may better appreciate Missouri’s state rock and its’ attributes.
                  For more information about Mozarkite and club information, go to
                  Monthly meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) at the First Christian Church, 200 S. Limit, Sedalia, MO 65301.  Kids’ Club meeting – 6:15pm; regular meeting – 7:00pm.
                  Membership dues including newsletter are:  Individual adults - $15; Junior $5.
Executive Officers

President –Karl Parsons;  Vice President – ; Secretary – Pam Radu; Treasurer – JoyceGrinstead (660-827-3888)


The regular meeting of the Mozarkite Society of Lincoln Inc. was held Tuesday, September 25, 2018, at the First Christian Church, 200 S Limit, Sedalia, MO 65301
            President Karl Parsons called the meeting to order.  There were 14 members and 1 guest: Steve Duft.
            There was no program, so we could have a post mortem on the Rock Show.  The President expressed his thanks to all the members who worked faithfully before, during and after the Show to make it a success.
            Secretary Pam Radu read the August minutes.  Since there were no additions or corrections to the minutes, they were entered into the record. 
            Treasurer Joyce Grinstead read the Treasurer’s Report.  Since there were no additions or corrections it was placed in the file for audit.

Committee Reports:
Kids Club: Anita reported no kids available for the meeting tonight.
Field Trip:  Nathan was absent. 
Programs: Barbara said she talked to a member at the Show about speaking at our October meeting, but didn’t write down either the topic or the speaker, so if they remember, it will be a surprise to all of us.
Show: The President read a list of suggestions Anita got from the vendors to make our Show better (see attached) and a list of things he noticed that could strengthen the show (also attached).  He also said he heard a lot of positive reaction to Ted’s presentation on petrified wood and thanked Ted for the program.  A suggestion was made to do a promotion and have membership applications at the Silent Auction table to increase membership to the Kids Club.  Joyce said we got some great, free advertising through the Benton County Tourism Commission.  The President asked Ted to make a map of the show field for us to send to vendors.

Old Business

            A.  All the old Rock and Gem magazines were taken by visitors and vendors at the Show.

            B.  The committee presented their guidelines for accepting collections donated to the club.  Renee made a motion, seconded by Anita to accept the guidelines.

New Business

            The Holiday Party is December 1.  The Club has, in the past, bought the meat for the party.  Last year, they purchased it from Country Kitchen and it was a hit.  Lee made a motion, seconded by Renee, to buy the same as last year and buy drinks as well.  Motion carried.
            The Show next year will be the 60th Anniversary Show.  It also coincides with Lincoln’s Sesquicentennial.  The Sesquicentennial will be celebrated near July 4 so enquiries will be made about some combining of celebrations.
            November is the election and installation of officers.  The slate of officers must be presented in October.  A nominating committee was appointed comprised of Kelly, Larry, Lee and Anita to create a slate of officers and board members.


Refreshments were provided by Diane.  Next month will be Anita.

There being no further business, the meeting closed in due form.